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Peace & Dignity Journeys Stop in Lincoln!

Posted by Indian Center, Inc. 07/12/2016

The Peace & Dignity Journeys intertribal prayer running group arrived Sunday, July 17, 2016, around 5pm, rolling in with thunder courtesy mother nature. A community potluck was held that evening. Sweat was offered the following morning, Monday the 18th, and as evening returned an Omaha-style handgame unfolded for social interaction among our visitors and the locals. The delegation departed Tuesday morning, with a few supporters from our community accompanying on foot as the caravan made its way through downtown and the southwest part of Lincoln on their way to Marysville, KS, continuing the spiritual relay run. The group started their journey in Alaska on May 1, 2016 and has been making their way south, as they will eventually meet in Panama with a group of runners who started their prayer run from Argentina. The runners represent several indigneous nations and is an intertribal prayer run completed once every four years since 1992. This year's run is dedicated to the seeds, both agriculturally and metaphorically speaking. At a time when our people are realizing the effects of generations of repressed and suppressed traditions, more and more tribes and groups are understanding the power of real tradition plants and foods for both nourishment and medicine to treat the ill phyical and mental health problems that we face.  The overall goal is to fulfill the prophecy of the eagle and the condor, which unifies the indigenous people from across the Western hemisphere to bring prosperity. A staff that was given to our community several years ago by another group of traveling runners was handed over to the Peace & Dignity group to carry on its journey with a prayer for Unity and in honor of the grandchildren, our future generations.

Facebook album of photos from the visit:

Youtube video from the potluck:

Youtube video from the handgame:

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