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*Youth tutoring sessions are for those who need assistance with Math, History, Science, English, & Writing, and all tutors are required to continously check each students grades and access the pinnacle for missing assignments as they assist the students.  The Youth Program currently serves ages 10-18, and all parents will be contacted and encouraged to support their child in any way that they can. Transportation is available to the first 12 students, and parents are encouraged to transport if the bus is full. 
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Back to the 1800s

Posted by Indian Center, Inc. 08/05/2015

Major points should be brought to the public's attention regarding what has happened to the Indian Center, Inc. (ICI) since the well-publicized football parking incident last season (one occurrence in over 20+ years of fundraising). Total blame was shouldered by ICI, but the ones most responsible for the riot situation were University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) students. ICI had several meetings with UNL administrators during the spring and summer of 2014 prior to the upcoming season.  UNL proposed their assistance in developing a safe, enjoyable environment on game days for their students.  However, the season came upon us with no further contacts with UNL administration and responsibility was placed solely on ICI.  Aftermath damnation and limitations continue today to be put on ICI and its programs that provide assistance for all those in need in Lincoln, Nebraska, not limited to Native Americans.

Since the incident, the City of Lincoln placed steel fence posts and fencing dictating the property boundaries for ICI and this new area was the only allowable parking area despite ICI maintaining all those bordering acres of city property with regular mowing throughout the summer for over 20 years, resulting in the replacement of expensive equipment meant for normal lawn care, not acres of uninhabited land.  Yet this summer, we received a notice from the City/County Weed Control stating that we were in violation of the mowing laws. My response to the city was that they have retreated to an 1800s philosophy of putting Native Americans on restricted reservations, which the City of Lincoln did with their 'fencing,' thus we were not responsible for the continued maintenance of their property.

Funds available for assisting those in the community in need of emergency service were drastically reduced. Further, the ramifications extended to local foundations' restrictions and total elimination of funding by others.  The suffering population may be your neighbors or family members who had previously come to ICI for utility assistance, five-days-per-week senior diner lunches, weekly food giveaway, X-Mas gifts for children, Commodities supplemental food packages for low-income elderly, low-income housing for elderly and familes, and so on.

We discovered this week that ICI is no longer on the United Way of Lincoln/Lancaster County (UW) list for designated donations from the working public.  This was a total surprise to ICI administration as well as some local business organizations who participate in the 'donor campaign.' Upon contacting UW, we were informed that since ICI was not funded in the regular funding cycle, we would not be on the designated listing.  This stipulation was unknown to past UW if a donating person does designate his/her funds to a specific organization, UW retains a substantial percentage of the donation for administrative fees.

Perhaps unknown to some of the public is that ICI (and other local cultural centers) are of 501(c)3 status, whereby a donation is 100% tax-deductible by the donor and the amount in total is received by the organization.

Bobby Robinette
ICI Finance & Housing Director

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